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The Significance of Buying a Home Guide

Karen Mari



 The Significance of Buying a Home Guide

"The most crucial and life-changing purchase a person makes in their lifetime is the purchase of a house"

For many individuals and families, the decision to purchase a house represents a pivotal moment in their lives.  This major financial undertaking goes far beyond mere bricks and mortar; it signifies stability, security and long term commitment. 

This is why we share with you below some of the positive sides of entering the next level of home ownership:

1. Financial Investment: Over time your house creates equety.

2. Stability: Being able to provide a loving home with core values and joy.

3. Personalization: The opportunity to decorate the house, unique to each person and area.

4. Long-Term Planning: Paying off the mortgage can help you with financial security at time of retirement.

5. Emotional Attachement:  Creating memories becomes the backdrop for life most cherished moments that will be remembered years later.

It is such a wonderful thing, the road to homewnership, yet one must realize that there are alot of parts to the process, nad one of the most important, is making sure you are finacially stable to to be able to to afford it.  This is the part where most start off wrong because they think thata purchasing a home is easy as 1,2,3 and its not.  This is why being prepared ahead of time, when you decide to move forward, will help you to know where you stand better.

Where You Stand Financially:

This part is the most important of all, so you know exactly where you stand, so you can move forward or give it a few more months or another year to bring yourself into the right place for homeowership.  This frst question is crucial to be able to take the next step or steps.

Do you have the initial 5% down required as well as the additional 6% - 7% for closing costs? (Based on the purchase price)

Depending on what you answered, is how you will make the next move.  Let's start with the ones that answered no.  Do not be discouraged, use this as fuel to get you into the preparation and savings mode so you can achieve this well-deserved home.  Just like the saying say, times passes either way, so why not pass it, doing the things that will bring our desires into reality at the right time.

For those who answered yes, that is a really good and big high five to you.  So excited for you!  Now, we move into the next steps that come with taking this new journey.

  • Get connected with a Mortgage Lender to get pre-qualified on the amount your are allowed to borrow.
  • Get connected with a professional and trustworthy real estate agent, that will help you everey step of the way.
  • Decide on the location/neighborhood that you will like to live in and wether you want a condo, a single family, a duplex or a townhouse.
  • Any special requirements that you will like the property  to have (always consider your budget)


Once you find your dream home, the next steps:

  • Submit your best offer for the house you want to purchasee.
  • After Execution of the As Is Sale & Purchase Contract, submit the deposit to the Law Office or Title Company specified, within 3 business days from effective date.
  • Order the inspection, this can be done anywhere from 7 - 15 business days as specified in the contract from effective date.
  • Once you receive the report back from the inspector with his findings and recommendations, this is the time to decide if you move forward or cancel. (there is always room for negotiation)
  • Apply to the association if required.
  • Continue working with your lender and their team to obtain a final loan commitment letter (this is due 21-45 days depending on the lender & type of loan) from effective date.  This is to state that you have been fully approved of all the requirements to proceed with the purchase of the home.
  • Order appraisal, estoppel, condo questionnaire & title lien search.
  • Walk thru day, this is to make sure all is intact how it was sold to you.
  • Once all the above has been completed. its closing day!!! (Best Day Ever)

What makes this process so much better is not only having the right attituded, yet the most importantly the right team of professionals that will help you every step of the way.  So, if you are ready to make this move, at Mari Real Estate & Management we are ready to help you make this drean a reality, along side the best of the indusrtry.

You can contact us directly by calling the office (305) 381-5006 or sending an e-mail to

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