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Avoiding Rental Scams

Mari Real Estate & Management

How to Spot Red Flags: Renters Beware!


What is a Rental Scam?


It’s a scheme/fraud done, in where someone attempts to defraud you by pretending to pose as either an agent or landlord of a property, with their main focus being to have you sign a lease and send then money via wire, without ever even seeing the property or the agent/owner of the rental.

This is why it’s very important to have basic knowledge of what to look for, when spotting red flags on rentals that seem too good to be true.  To help you avoid these scammers, we have created a list:




-          Requesting personal information or money.

-          The contact person is unwilling to meet with you.

-          There is no way to verify if the property is actually for rent.

-          Listings look like a copy.

-          Property is too cheap for the area and/or size and

-          Property information is not accurate.

-          Asking for Cash


As small as the list of red flags may look, they can do lots of damage to you as a renter, so being aware of them is key to making sure you don’t fall for one of the schemes online.  The process of renting should be a smooth one.

This is why, is better for you to use a professional in the real estate industry, that can help you avoid the extra unnecessary stress and worry, so you can focus on getting ready for the move.